Browse through our FAQ to find quick answers to your questions, if you have any other questions, please bring them up to our representative when you are contacted.


Can I complete an application if I have no past work experience?

Of course, we are always looking to add all levels of experience to our team – simply leave the experience box empty – No worries. Having no previous work experience will not negatively affect your application! Please complete all other fields in the application.

How long does it take to hear back after signing up?

After you have completed the “Apply” tab, we work to reachout to you within 2-4 days. Business days are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

I do not have a current resume, will it affect my chances?

Its ok not everyone does – complete all areas of the application and we will reachout to you via email to schedule next steps, which is an online interview.

What is your application process?

The application process at FFT Staffing is as follows:

  1. Complete and submit online Contact Information and Questions
  2. An FFT Staffing team member reviews applications
  3. FFT Staffing representative contacts you for an online interview
  4. Interviews are conducted and reviewed and hiring decision is made
  5. You are contacted and forwarded the onboarding paperwork

After that, you will need to complete the onboarding paperwork, we review to make sure all is completed, and you can accept jobs through the app and start building your career!

Can I work for other companies, or only FFT Staffing?

You have the freedom to work for other organizations and choose the shifts and jobs you want.


Prepare for the Day

Review the shift description and instructions on where and when you are to arrive. Some sites have specific instructions and you do not want to be late. Always review so you are prepared to perform the tasks and requirements listed. Make sure you bring your identification many sites will need to see when you enter.

Know your Commute

Review job location and plan your commute route and time. Arriving a few minutes early will make you feel comfortable and relaxed on your first day. It also creates a great first impression.

Arriving / Checking In

Your arrival instructions will have details on the location of the job site and how you enter. Make sure to review arrival instructions, when you arrive introduce yourself to the supervisor. They will have you complete the sign in sheet confirming your arrival time. Don’t forget to check out with the supervisor at the end of the shift.


It is expected that you show up to the jobs you accept and adhere to the schedule outlined. At times things happen that prevent you from showing up for your shift, be sure to contact us at the Emergency Number and cancel in the app. IMPORTANT - Remember that a no call no show will result in automatic termination from upcoming and future shifts

How long is a shift or day?

Minimum shifts are 4 hours in length and can range from 4 to 10 hours.


How does the payroll period work?

Our pay period is one week long and begins on Monday and ends Sunday.

Pay checks for hours worked during the period will be issued on the following Friday. Direct deposits are deposited on the Friday. If you are not enrolled in direct deposit a paper check will be issued and mailed on the Friday arriving 4 – 10 days after mailed date.

Payroll Schedule

This calendar illustrates the schedule:

If your deposit doesn't arrive after the ten day period – contact us so we can resolve any issues. It is recommend that you sign up for direct deposit to get paid faster.

What do I do if my check does not arrive?

Your check should arrive withing 10 days of the close of the payroll period. If your check does not arrive, confirm that your check is late (See calendar). After confirming, please contact us at

The latest you can expect your check is the Wednesday AFTER the expected pay date on the previous Friday. Most people receive their checks on Monday or Tuesday, but there are sometimes delays in mail service.

When you contact us please give us the following information so we can resolve any issues quickly:

  • Your Name (As in Application)
  • Your Address (Helps us see if our system has correct address)
  • Dates in which you worked

We fully understand the importance of accurate and timely pay and work immediately on your email.


ZERO Tolerence

We have a “zero tolerance” on the below offenses and they will result in immediate termination. These actions impact continued employment, and create a negative impact on the reputation and the service standards we strive to meet.

Zero-tolerance offenses are listed below:

  • No Call No Show
  • Wage Theft or Misrepresenting Check-In or Check-Out times
  • Alcohol and/or Drug Use
  • Job Abandonment
  • Misconduct
  • Theft
  • Workplace Violence
  • Harassment or Discrimination
  • Filing a False Report

The above list is subject to change. If you have any questions please reach out using the Contact button of the app.

Attendence Policy Violations

FFT Staffing strives to present opportunities to the best and future shifts will be terminated after three (3) offenses of the following within a 6-month period:

  1. Shift Cancellations — If you cannot make a shift a 16 hour written notice prior to your start time via our Contact button is required. If you do not notify a representative a 4 shift suspension will be applied to your profile. During the suspension, any scheduled shifts will be removed and you will not be able to accept other jobs.
  2. Attendance Violations — If you are repeatedly tardy, have unexcused absences, slow at returning from your breaks, fail to clock-in or clock-out you clearly do not want to be part of the crew and will be removed from future shifts.
  3. “Do Not Send” — All our clients have the choice of requesting that individuals not be sent back to their job site. If that is requested you will be removed from future schedule dates immediately. We ask that you understand the client’s decision and refrain from contacting the client or showing up at the worksite uninvited.